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Ai For Photographers

Building an ai-augmented workflow that keeps you ahead of the curve

By Pratik Naik

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Course overview:

In this class, retoucher and educator Pratik Naik breaks down the process of adopting Ai tools into your existing workflow with clear, actionable steps. Follow along at your own pace and learn how to use these innovative tools to expand creative capabilities and keep your business relevant in a rapidly changing industry.

What's included:

  • 7 hrs and 34 mins of in-depth video lessons
  • Free updates as technology advances
  • 50 page instructional PDF guide
  • Lifetime streaming access
  • Access to instructor lead community
  • Unlimited Q&A

Who is this course for?

Photographers of all skill levels seeking to streamline their entire workflow from concept to post production, and expand their creativity and grow their businesses using the power of artificial intelligence.

New to Ai? 

This course starts with the fundamentals, ensuring you build a strong foundation even without prior experience.

Seasoned Ai user?

Discover the latest, cutting-edge Ai tools and delve deeper into advanced applications, expanding your existing knowledge.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

This course handpicks and focuses on Ai programs that deliver the most significant benefits to photographers. Learn how to efficiently integrate Ai into your creative processes.

Short on time?

Gain access to easy-to-follow videos and regular updates, keeping you on the forefront of Ai innovations without the need for extensive research.

This course simplifies the world of artificial intelligence for photographers. It empowers you to work smarter, achieve stunning results, unleash your creative potential, and ultimately take your photography business to the next level.

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What you will learn:

All lessons in this course are continuously updated for free as new software versions are released and new best practices emerge, so you will be the first to learn of the latest advancements including:

...and much more!

Plus, gain access to our instructional guide: ChatGPT for Photographers.

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Our comprehensive 50 page pdf guide teaches you how to leverage Ai for everything from location scouting and brainstorming ideas to writing compelling captions and optimizing your online presence. Packed with practical prompt examples, you'll learn to communicate effectively with ChatGPT, getting tailored advice on gear, editing, techniques, and even how to upload screenshots for personalized guidance. 

Meet your instructors:

Taught by

Pratik Naik

Pratik Naik is a leading visionary in retouching and photography who inspires and mentors professionals worldwide. As the founder of Infinite Color, he simplifies complex editing processes with innovative Photoshop plugins and tools. He shares his knowledge and expertise through workshops and online education, nurturing the next generation of creative minds.

With special Guest

Felix Kunze

Felix Kunze is a celebrated photographer known for his exceptional creativity, emotion, and mastery of lighting. He possesses a unique ability to bring out the authentic personality and stories of those he photographs, making each image a visual narrative that leaves a lasting impression. As an educator, he shares his insights to empower aspiring photographers and elevate the art of photography.

By investing in your own education, you're not just keeping pace with emerging technologies – you're paving the way for future triumphs.

*Offer Expires 7/20/24 11:59pm EST.

Hear what past students have to say:

"Pratik is an amazing teacher. I did his photography retouching workshop few years ago and last year his AI sharing and group inspired me to start using AI in my creative process. I found my passion and currently work at Adobe as a Sr. Creative Evangelist-Artificial Intelligence. None of this would be possible if my paths were not crossed with Pratik."

-Kris K.
"Pratik is the most generous, kindest & humble person with a teaching style like no other. His retouching workshop has been the foundation of my photography business. 10 years into the business I still pull up segments and learn something new! He is amazing and I’m so grateful to have found him back then. I seriously would not be where I am today without his teachings!"

-Edina C.
"There is nobody more kind and humble in this business than Pratik. He is willing to listen and take the time to respond to questions personally. His knowledge of retouching goes way beyond the norm.
He's just an awesome individual."

-Ryan N.
"Pratik is an excellent educator, known for his consistency and the way he delivers content clearly and comprehensively. Pratik's well-organized speech engages and inspires students, creating a conducive learning environment. He is a true education professional deserving of our highest praise."

-Teodora D.
-Teodora Dimitrova

Ready to dive in?

The course curriculum consists of over 6hours of lessons and a 50-page instructional PDF. Follow along at your own pace through all the chapters outlined below.

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