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Profoto's New L1600D Mono-LED - The Only Constant is Change

Profoto has made a monumental leap into the cinema market with the introduction of the L1600D Mono-LED. This compact, all-in-one lighting unit boasts cutting-edge technology, eliminating the need for a separate ballast and incorporating a patent-pending water-cooling system called HydroCTech.

Key Features of the L1600D Mono-LED:

Compact Design:
The L1600D is crafted to be lightweight and portable, although its weight of 11.7 kilograms (25.8 pounds) may be a bit more substantial than some users anticipate.

HydroCTech Cooling:
This innovative water-cooling system, paired with two silent 140-millimeter fans, ensures efficient thermal management, keeping the unit cool and reliable during extended use.

IP54 Rating:
The L1600D is well-protected against dust and water splashes, making it a durable choice for a wide range of shooting environments. An IP54 rating for a light fixture indicates its level of protection against solid objects and liquids. The 5 means the light is protected against dust, limited ingress (no harmful deposit). While it is not completely dust-tight, the amount of dust that can enter will not interfere with the operation of the equipment. The 4 means the light is protected against water splashes from any direction.

High Efficiency:
Profoto impressively claims that the L1600D utilizes 97% of its electric input to generate light, marking a 20% efficiency increase compared to traditional solutions that require a separate ballast and head.

Color Temperature and Output:
With a color temperature of 5,700K and a TLCI/CRI rating of 97, the L1600D promises to deliver high-quality, flicker-free light at any frame rate. It offers 3,850 lux at five meters with the wide reflector and can achieve an impressive 49,000 lux with the Boost Reflector.
CEO's Perspective:
Anders Hedebark, CEO of Profoto, emphasizes the distinctiveness of the L1600D, stating, "We have worked hard refining our technology to ensure we introduce not only the best but something unique that truly delivers customer value. The L1600D is a compact, all-in-one unit without a ballast. It brings an unparalleled power-to-size ratio."

Thoughts and Considerations:
The announcement of the L1600D has immediately raised a few thoughts. 
There are a few practical considerations to keep in mind. The weight of the L1600D, at 11.7 kilograms (25.8 pounds), puts portability into question, especially given its marketing as a lightweight solution. Additionally, while the color temperature of 5,700K is close to the industry standard, it doesn't quite hit the mark of 5600K, which could potentially affect its versatility in certain lighting conditions when paired with other lights. However, it’s not a huge deal. 

The efficiency claims are undoubtedly impressive, but the necessity of a water-cooling system suggests that heat generation remains a factor to consider. It will be interesting to see real-world tests and user feedback to gauge the true energy conversion efficiency of the L1600D.
Despite these considerations, I’m curious to see how the public responds to the L1600D when it’s released and what the price point will be. As the product makes its debut at CineGear, we await the hands-on experiences and real-world results to fully assess its impact on its success. 

"Profoto L1600D will be premiering at CineGear, Warner Bros Studios, Burbank CA on June 7th" 

UPDATE: The price is set to $7,990.00 and pre-orders can be placed here

Source: Profoto 

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