Jun 4 • Pratik Naik

Get Around Instagram's "Made With A.I." Label

Instagram has recently started labeling some photos as “Made with A.I.” even when only a small part of the image was created with AI tools like generative expand or generative fill. This can cause some big problems, as potential clients on Instagram might be misled into thinking they aren’t looking at a real photograph!
In a world where AI-generated images are becoming harder to tell apart from traditional photos, this is a growing issue. The idea behind these labels is to be transparent, but it can end up causing confusion and misunderstandings. 

Here's exactly what happened to my friend Monika Rohfeld. She used the crop tool on this image and had “Generative Expand” on and it was enough to get the photo tagged. She didn't even realize she had used it and it only came to her later upon reflection. 

This will also occur if you use any of the Neural Filters as well since they are A.I. based, including noise reduction, upscaling, and more.
The Solution
The trick is to remove the metadata on the image that you upload. However, this is my best guess as to why this occurs. IG may implement other A.I. detecting algorithms in the future as this becomes wide-spread. Hopefully the more people use this, the better they will have to get at being more accurate with their labeling. 

Here is how to do it: 
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